Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Deliciously Yours in OK! Magazine

Check out the little blurb about us in this week's issue of OK! Magazine! If you've already purchased a copy, we're on Page 30!


Deliciously Yours,

Jzabela & Sara

Monday, October 26, 2009

Quiche and Severed Body Parts suit 100 Monkeys just fine!

Deliciously Yours Cakes were once again contacted by the lovely people associated with the 100 Monkeys and Jackson Rathbone to cook up some fun stuff for their last Vancouver concert date. Knowing that Hallowe'en was just around the corner, we couldn't help but come up with something related to the holiday!

We baked what seemed like a bazillion mini vanilla flavored cupcakes and whipped up some buttercream that we dyed orange. To that we added black sprinkles (so rockstar and so Hallowe'eny eh!) and some gummi candy that came as a severed foot, an eyeball, a bloody ear and nose, vampire fangs and a severed finger!

After we successfully bypassed the extremely tight security up to the greenroom, the 100 Monkeys as well as their opening act The Bleeding Horse Express couldn't get enough of them! Sara and I were really pleased to get re-aquainted with the band once again, it was nice to hear what they were up to and to hear that they were going to stay in beautiful Vancouver for a couple more days to wrap up their recording session; we totally can't wait for their new album!

Here are a few photos from the night:

Now, we've been tweeting like crazy about quiche which I'm sure have got all of you wondering. Before the night ended at the last event we catered for these guys, we wanted to make sure we had a moment to chat with Jackson to thank him for the incredible opportunity and also ensure that he had eaten some cupcakes or atleast taken a take out box full of them to enjoy later that night. To our surprise, he told us he doesn't even have a sweet tooth! We were absolutely shocked because of course as a cake business, you totally want to impress your potential clients and hear feedback about your work and his kind act just reaffirmed that there are some truly genuine people out there that believe in your work and want you to succeed.
So as an even huger thank you, Deliciously Yours Cakes did something we absolutely NEVER do, we made mini quiche especially for Jackson so that he could have something to enjoy while others had cupcakes. Sara cooked up the quiche that included bacon, cheese and mushrooms and those went very quick, not only by Jackson but the rest of the bands up there too!

After the show, Sara went back to the greenroom to collect the tray she had used to present the quiche on and before she left she wanted to make sure that Jackson had eaten more of the quiche. He thanked her, saying "it was soo cool that you guys made me my own version of a cupcake". Glad he picked up on that one!

All in all we had a great night, watching Uncle Larry rock on percussion in his wicked leather pants, Jackson wailing on the mic, Ben intensely banging those drums, Jared timidly rockin the keys and bass and Ben with his crazy voice and antics up on stage as well as the amazing multi talent this entire band carries, it was too much fun.

We love you much, too much!

Thank you to the management of 100 Monkeys for giving us the opportunity to send them off with a little Vancouver flavor!

Deliciously Yours,

Jzabela & Sara

Cakes in October!

It's always tough to find a good time to blog with lifebeing so hectic these days, flu season is upon us (thank goodness I haven't been hit with it!) and for us there's lots of birthdays going on this time of year too!

It was my daughter Emma's 3rd birthday this October so for her preschool, we made mini chocolate cupcakes with pink icing and sprinkles and a milk chocolate "E" for Emma!

For her actual birthday party, since she's totally obsessed with Thomas the Train, it was only fitting that we make something Thomas related for her. She, of course, wanted a cake of every train that exists within the Island of Sodor, but knowing that our guest list wasn't too big, we decided on mini cupcakes of a couple of different characters and a small cake to blow out!

The cake and cupcakes were red velvet flavor with cream cheese icing. The train faces were made out of fondant dyed a light grey with white fondant circles for the eyes and I hand painted the faces onto them. (Thomas, Percy and James) Needless to say, they were an absolute hit with her and her party guests. Always fun to do themed cakes!

Next, we were lucky to make up a Tiffany & Co. themed birthday cake for a friend of ours. The cake was chocolate flavored with our ever popular hazelnut filling. We even used a Tiffany bag I had to ensure our blue was color correct! This one was definitely fun to make!

Finally, we made a wedding cake for two lovely people who had a really great idea. The cake flavor was vanilla with raspberry buttercream as the filling. We used green color to dye the fondant that was meant to be the color of mini green mums, then cut out flower designs and painted the indented part black as their wedding theme was green and black, an excellent idea, definitely a challenge but in the end lots of fun! The couple also requested that we put their initials on the back of the cake, so we freehanded an "old english" style script of their names!

Phew! This doesn't even touch the other things we did this month, once I get a photo of the Canucks themed wedding cake Sara tackled I'll be sure to put that one up as well!

Deliciously Yours,

Jzabela & Sara

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Re-Tying the Knot

I meant to post this after my family came back from our family-moon, but as you can see, its been a crazy September, so I'm playing a little catch up!

After having been civilly married for 3 years, my husband and I finally got married in our church and had a beautiful reception so that all of our family and friends could celebrate with us.

But enough about that! Sara and I (yes we made my wedding cake!) wanted to take our cake making skills to the next level. Stacking and layering mixed flavors was a stretch but it turned out beautifully!

We made 2 different flavors of cake: chocolate cake with orange chocolate ganache and lemon poppy seed cake with fresh blueberry coulis!

We wanted to do something fun with the cakes, so we stacked two 12" cakes, placed a 9" cake on top of that, and finished with two 6" cakes and here's what we ended up with!

The cherry blossom design tied in with the decor of the reception; chocolate brown table covers with fuschia sashes and cherry blossom like centerpieces. We were very pleased with the results and best of all, the guests couldn't get enough of it!

Deliciously Yours,

Jzabela & Sara

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Deliciously Yours feeds 100 Monkeys..and Vampires!

Last week we got an exciting phone call from Jackson Rathbone's (plays Jasper in the Twilight saga) manager asking us if we'd be interested to provide dessert for a private cast and crew party for the current Twilight movie being filmed. Boy, were we ever excited!

So our brains were in overload mode, what on earth do we make for a cast & crew party filled with celebrities that'll really knock their socks off? Monkeys, popcorn and burgers of course! - cake style!

We created mini vanilla flavored cupcakes and made brownies for the "burger" portion of the cake:

And butter pecan mini cupcakes with marshmellows to look like buttery "popcorn":

And finally some monkey themed cupcakes to salute the 100 Monkeys who are a fabulous band!!

Getting the phone call on Thursday afternoon meant we were gonna work overtime to make sure we had enough to serve about 200 guests. Saturday night finally arrived and Sara and I couldn't be more nervous/excited! We set up at the Player's Chop House in Vancouver and this is what the spread looked like:

Phew! Now it was time to mingle! Our very good friend Jill is a crew member of the current Twilight movie, so we got a chance to meet some great people through her!

Now I'm sure everyone's wondering, did Robert Pattinson get to enjoy your cupcakes, did you get to meet him? The answer to that one is a definite yes! Sara and I mustered up the courage to talk to him and I even brought a hamburger cupcake for him to sample and he enjoyed it very much! We had a nice chat with him along with Kellan Lutz, who made it very clear to us that he had taken a business card and wished we were international so he could get mini cupcakes from us in LA!

We were on cloud 9 by this point and the whole experience couldn't have been any better than what it was. The 100 Monkeys played an excellently long set and everyone grooved to their tunes the whole night. Jackson is really one of the nicest and down to earth celebrities we've ever met. Out of respect for all the wonderful people there, we didn't take photos with the actors as this really was a night for everyone to unwind from all the hustle bustle of the movie world, but we did get a photo with the 100 Monkeys, after all they were the reason we were there in the first place!
So, we end off this entry with a huge thank you to Jackson Rathbone, the 100 Monkeys and all the wonderful people at the party for taking what was a simple business card exchange to a whole other level!
Deliciously Yours,
Jzabela & Sara

ps. That night at about 2:30am Sara got a mysterious call from an unknown number which turned out to be Robert Pattinson himself, telling us how "beautiful" our cupcakes were! What a sweet guy! Totally the icing on the cake!!

Saturday, June 27, 2009

It's been a busy couple of weeks!

You know its special occasion season when the sun's out and all you can smell is barbecue in the air!

We've had the honour and pleasure of making birthday cakes, wedding cakes, dedication cakes & even an engagement cake!

Here are some photos to keep you up to speed!

A fitting cake for a fire fighter!

Its a Nintendo party! A cake wouldn't be complete with these little gum paste critters..

And Mario of course...

The final product!

A dedication cake for a lovely little girl!

A sesame street medley for my nephew who turned 2!

Cookie Monster and Elmo!

A wedding cake for a lovely couple who love to hangglide!
And finally, a Vegas inspired engagement cake!

Thanks to everyone who made Deliciously Yours cakes a part of their special occasion! We enjoyed every minute of making your cake!

Deliciously Yours,

Jzabela & Sara

Thursday, June 11, 2009

For the Love of Twilight...

We thought we'd throw in this cake we did for a friend who absolutely adores the Twilight saga.

We replicated the "meadow" scene and changed the face of "Bella" to look somewhat more like our friend. Our Edward was a dazzling masterpiece complete with streaked hair and a 6 pack..

...and yes he did sparkle!

Deliciously Yours,

Jzabela & Sara

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Our very first feature!

We're so happy to say that we've been added to the Market Guide for Vancouver by bride.ca!

Check out the blurb about us here:


Deliciously Yours,

Jzabela & Sara

Monday, June 8, 2009

Keira's First Birthday

Another cake, another adventure...

My goddaugher, Keira, celebrated her first birthday last week and to celebrate the princess that she is, we of course made her her very own castle cake!

Prep work for the cake started with piping over 250 royal icing flowers! Thank god we did that ahead of time!

After the first experience making a castle cake, I was prepared for a long night, so I got started right away preping the layers of cake to be decorated. We decided with lots of small kids at the party, that we better go with a classic flavor, so I tried out a new white cake recipe, which turned out to be a big hit. Can't go wrong with the classics...

Up next came some prep work on the turrets...colored sugar is the key to the pretty sparkly tops...you feel like you're back in third grade doing arts and crafts as you dip the cones in "sparkles"...

Keep in mind that while all this fantastic meticulous work is going on, there's a happy one year old constantly at your feet trying her hardest to steal your attention away from the silly cake prepartations...look at me, I'm ONE! hee hee

Finally some assembly begins and you can finally start to see the castle come to life...here's the first look after I got all the pillars on before all the piping work began:
Apparently at this point I really fell into my groove becuase in about an hour we were nearing completion...

The next day was the birthday barbeque where the finalized masterpiece was revealed...and ta dah! A cake fit for a queen...or at least a one year old princess!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Happy Birthday Ethan!

Wow, what a beautiful weekend once again..I'm hoping that every special occasion that we get to be a part of has nice weather!
My godson Ethan is in LOVE with Bumblebee from Transformers..so what better way to celebrate his birthday than with a themed cake!

Since cupcakes are all the rage these days, we decided we'd go ahead and make a 6" cake and a bunch of cupcakes so that each guest could have something of their own.

Here's the cake all iced up ready for the fondant...

Then for the cupcakes, I thought I'd do yellow icing with black sprinkles..for that real bumble bee feel...

Oh and the cake was chocolate and the filling for both the cupcakes and cake was a chocolatey-hazelnut filling..yum!

We couldn't just leave the cupcakes without a special touch..so we melted down some yellow vanilla flavored candy disks into the shape of an autobot logo...

(ignore my flower patterned place mat hehe!) And the finished product looked like this:

They were a big hit and everyone loved that they got a little autobot all to themselves! Finally, the cake..which we decided to put a fondant picture of the animated version of Bumblebee..it turned out really well! All of the cupcakes surrounding the cake have yellow candy to spell out "happy birthday"..I really wanted them to be black but when I added the food coloring it seized up the candy..I think it would've worked better if I had used white chocolate but time was of the essence so yellow had to do!

It's always fun to put your twist on a themed birthday cake. Ethan's mom was super happy with the end result (she pretty much left it up to us!)..we've been doing Ethan's cake for the past couple years (our website shows the Spiderman cake and cupcakes from last year's birthday) and we look forward to many more themed birthdays!

Deliciously Yours,

Jzabela & Sara

Monday, May 18, 2009

Michelle & Danny

Phew! It was a busy and beautiful long weekend..and week leading up to this weekend as both Sara and I were busy little bees baking 150 cupcakes for a hawaiian themed wedding.

75 chocolate cupcakes with chocolate fudge filling and 75 vanilla cupcakes with raspberry filling all topped with cream cheese icing and sugar flowers. We had a mini fiasco regarding the sugar flowers in that we were unable to get a set of one particular color..SO a little bit of handy work remedied the problem!

Sara thankfully found some lavender pearl dusting powder so I brushed all 150 sugar flowers with it..what a lifesaver!

The ceremony and reception was held at the Olympic View Golf Club in Victoria, BC and boy did they ever luck out with the weather! Thanks to trusty dollar store bins, the cupcakes and cake made it all the way from Vancouver with no mishaps! The staff at the golf club were excellent and very accomodating for the 12 stacked bins I kept in their beer cooler, if I had one complaint, it was that the fondant on the cake itself got a little sweaty due to being in too cold of an area, but otherwise it worked out really well!

There were more cupcakes than there was room on the cupcake tier, so the fabulous head chef at the golf club found me a big glass serving platter that I used to place the other cupcakes onto. Perfecto!

A very fitting cake topper was placed on the cake, as the groom is a big golf buff!

All in all a very wonderful experience and a very beautiful wedding! Thanks Danny & Michelle for making us a part of your special day!
Deliciously Yours,
Jzabela & Sara