Monday, October 26, 2009

Cakes in October!

It's always tough to find a good time to blog with lifebeing so hectic these days, flu season is upon us (thank goodness I haven't been hit with it!) and for us there's lots of birthdays going on this time of year too!

It was my daughter Emma's 3rd birthday this October so for her preschool, we made mini chocolate cupcakes with pink icing and sprinkles and a milk chocolate "E" for Emma!

For her actual birthday party, since she's totally obsessed with Thomas the Train, it was only fitting that we make something Thomas related for her. She, of course, wanted a cake of every train that exists within the Island of Sodor, but knowing that our guest list wasn't too big, we decided on mini cupcakes of a couple of different characters and a small cake to blow out!

The cake and cupcakes were red velvet flavor with cream cheese icing. The train faces were made out of fondant dyed a light grey with white fondant circles for the eyes and I hand painted the faces onto them. (Thomas, Percy and James) Needless to say, they were an absolute hit with her and her party guests. Always fun to do themed cakes!

Next, we were lucky to make up a Tiffany & Co. themed birthday cake for a friend of ours. The cake was chocolate flavored with our ever popular hazelnut filling. We even used a Tiffany bag I had to ensure our blue was color correct! This one was definitely fun to make!

Finally, we made a wedding cake for two lovely people who had a really great idea. The cake flavor was vanilla with raspberry buttercream as the filling. We used green color to dye the fondant that was meant to be the color of mini green mums, then cut out flower designs and painted the indented part black as their wedding theme was green and black, an excellent idea, definitely a challenge but in the end lots of fun! The couple also requested that we put their initials on the back of the cake, so we freehanded an "old english" style script of their names!

Phew! This doesn't even touch the other things we did this month, once I get a photo of the Canucks themed wedding cake Sara tackled I'll be sure to put that one up as well!

Deliciously Yours,

Jzabela & Sara

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