Monday, October 26, 2009

Quiche and Severed Body Parts suit 100 Monkeys just fine!

Deliciously Yours Cakes were once again contacted by the lovely people associated with the 100 Monkeys and Jackson Rathbone to cook up some fun stuff for their last Vancouver concert date. Knowing that Hallowe'en was just around the corner, we couldn't help but come up with something related to the holiday!

We baked what seemed like a bazillion mini vanilla flavored cupcakes and whipped up some buttercream that we dyed orange. To that we added black sprinkles (so rockstar and so Hallowe'eny eh!) and some gummi candy that came as a severed foot, an eyeball, a bloody ear and nose, vampire fangs and a severed finger!

After we successfully bypassed the extremely tight security up to the greenroom, the 100 Monkeys as well as their opening act The Bleeding Horse Express couldn't get enough of them! Sara and I were really pleased to get re-aquainted with the band once again, it was nice to hear what they were up to and to hear that they were going to stay in beautiful Vancouver for a couple more days to wrap up their recording session; we totally can't wait for their new album!

Here are a few photos from the night:

Now, we've been tweeting like crazy about quiche which I'm sure have got all of you wondering. Before the night ended at the last event we catered for these guys, we wanted to make sure we had a moment to chat with Jackson to thank him for the incredible opportunity and also ensure that he had eaten some cupcakes or atleast taken a take out box full of them to enjoy later that night. To our surprise, he told us he doesn't even have a sweet tooth! We were absolutely shocked because of course as a cake business, you totally want to impress your potential clients and hear feedback about your work and his kind act just reaffirmed that there are some truly genuine people out there that believe in your work and want you to succeed.
So as an even huger thank you, Deliciously Yours Cakes did something we absolutely NEVER do, we made mini quiche especially for Jackson so that he could have something to enjoy while others had cupcakes. Sara cooked up the quiche that included bacon, cheese and mushrooms and those went very quick, not only by Jackson but the rest of the bands up there too!

After the show, Sara went back to the greenroom to collect the tray she had used to present the quiche on and before she left she wanted to make sure that Jackson had eaten more of the quiche. He thanked her, saying "it was soo cool that you guys made me my own version of a cupcake". Glad he picked up on that one!

All in all we had a great night, watching Uncle Larry rock on percussion in his wicked leather pants, Jackson wailing on the mic, Ben intensely banging those drums, Jared timidly rockin the keys and bass and Ben with his crazy voice and antics up on stage as well as the amazing multi talent this entire band carries, it was too much fun.

We love you much, too much!

Thank you to the management of 100 Monkeys for giving us the opportunity to send them off with a little Vancouver flavor!

Deliciously Yours,

Jzabela & Sara


  1. Hey I loved it! Very, very cool.
    Can I take your picture with them to put on my gallery? (on my 100 Monkeys website).
    Thank you!

  2. Very cool that you did that for Jackson! I just learned that I have something in common with him... don't much care for sweets myself, but I hope to one day try your sweet stuff!!


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